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How does SummitSync work?

Step One

Create Your Profile

Name, position, company, and all that jazz. You can fill it out yourself or we can grab it for you from LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook so getting setup is quick.

Step Two

Join Groups & Events

Things like Industries, Conferences, Alumni Networks, and more. Anywhere you could find useful professional connections, there's a group for it on SummitSync.

Attending an event? Get the event location, agenda, and floorplan directly from the app.

Step Three

Pass or Sync?

It’s kind of like “business-dating.”

If you and another person both choose to sync with each other, you’ll get connected to message!

If one of you choose not to connect, the other person will never know.

Step Four

Message, Set a Time to Meet, or Add to Salesforce

All the things that were difficult about meeting new connections just got easier.

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Why use SummitSync for your next event?

Happier Attendees

The worst part of attending an event is trying to find the right people to meet. SummitSync makes that process a painless one.

Location, Agenda, and Floorplan

Add your event's info, floor plan and agenda into the app so your attendees always know where and when everything is happening.

Notifications & Updates

Parking changes? New shuttle drop-off location? Whatever unforeseen changes arise, we can notify your attendees so they're never left out in the dark.

Generate Revenue

SummitSync sponsor cards allow you to generate revenue by creating a new advertising channel.

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