Intelligent Trade Show Marketing

Prospect discovery, meeting management, and follow-up is easier than ever at every event you attend or sponsor.

Know Which Events Your Prospects Are Attending

Smarter event investments with SummitSync

SummitSync’s algorithm goes to work collecting and aggregating data around exact individuals who are attending every major trade show to generate our lists of predicted attendees. We then match our lists of who we believe is attending against your CRM or target prospect list. This helps your organization personally identify which events have the most potential prospects attending, exactly which prospects are going to which events, and who you should send from your team. Our lists of predicted attendees supply contact information at the individual level.

Schedule and Manage More Meetings with SummitSync

Track meetings, team members, and overall trade show success

Get out of spreadsheets, calendar invites, and manual CRM entries with SummitSync’s platform. We provide two different views within SummitSync to make sure your team can manage all of their meetings at trade shows easier than ever before. Admins have full access to view all team member’s calendars and can assign prospects for individual members to set meetings with. Individual sales team members can easily schedule their meetings with SummitSync’s smart meeting links while every meeting scheduled through SummitSync is automatically synced with your CRM.

Track Revenue Opportunity Across Every Trade Show and Event

Know which events and individual team members drive revenue without manual work

If you’re like most sales and marketing teams, tracking the ROI from trade shows and events can be meticulous at best and impossible at worst. With SummitSync, we automatically track the potential revenue generated from every trade show without having to hunt down your sales team. You’ll know which events and which individual team members are most successful so you can invest smarter.

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