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Event Marketing Drives Revenue

Over 20% of B2B marketing budgets are spent on attending or sponsoring conferences and trade shows—a $570 billion industry. Meetings at events create more revenue opportunities today than ever before. SummitSync maximizes trade show marketing ROI with three simple steps: connect, converse, convert.

Connect with Trade Show Prospects

To boost pre-event outreach, SummitSync identifies prospects who will be at the show so your team can pre-book higher-quality meetings.

SummitSync integrates with Salesforce and leading calendars so meetings and schedules sync instantly and seamlessly so prospects can be tracked throughout the sales funnel.


  • Target the most relevant prospects to meet
  • Easy scheduling
  • More relevant meetings
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Converse Effectively

At the show, marketing teams have a clear view of all meetings and on-site activities that take place. Anyone can easily find and modify meeting locations and times on the fly.

Sales teams receive text messages to confirm meetings and can use our Notes-to-Go feature to upload meeting notes in real-time, which are also synced to Salesforce, creating an easy way to instantly recap their meeting activity.


  • Meeting management
  • Readily available locations and resources
  • Track team member performance
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Convert Meetings into Revenue

Through SummitSync you will be able to see individual and overall team performance. We also layer in an attribution model so you can track prospects from demo to close to assess the return on event (ROE), so you can easily evaluate if the event is successful.


  • Track event ROI
  • Strengthens team accountability
  • Attribution model to assess event ROE
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SummitSync in Action: IoT World 2018


According to Informa, 2018 IoT World Sponsors tripled the amount of meetings scheduled compared to the previous year.

317 Meetings
105 Meetings

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