FAQ: Sales

How to Connect Your Calendar + CRM


This article covers the basic steps to complete the set up of your account by connecting your Calendar and CRM to the SummitSync platform.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to connect:

  1. On the “Welcome to SummitSync” modal, click “Next”.
  2. In the Salesforce box, click “Connect”.

3. This will direct you to your Salesforce login page. Login to your account.

Note: Once connected, SummitSync will automatically update prospect data and meeting information directly to your Salesforce account.

  1. Choose your calendar and click “Connect”.

5.This will direct you to your email provider’s sign-in page. Sign-in to connect the calendar to SummitSync.

Note: Connecting a calendar allows SummitSync to send meeting invites for you as well as automatically add every new scheduled meeting to your calendar.

6.Click “Finish”.

Note: You can now include a scheduling URL in your email outreach. SummitSync will automatically update your calendar once a prospect schedules a meeting with you.