FAQ: Sales

How to Add Onsite Activity to a Past Event


This article covers the basic steps for adding any onsite activity (i.e. badge scanning, collecting business cards) to a past event.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to add onsite activity to a past event:

1. Navigate through My Events, then Past Events, and open the event for which you would like to add activity. Under Prospects, click the yellow “Add Onsite Activity” button.

2. A modal will pop-up that will allow you to drag or browse for a CSV file.

Note: You can also download a CSV template to import the contacts.

3. Once dragged or uploaded, the CSV file will appear.

4. Click “Add to Event”.

5. The number of total prospects and new prospects will be updated.

6. The new prospects will be labeled “Onsite Upload” and indicated by a yellow square under the column “Status”.

7. A confirmation message will also appear at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.