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Creating a New Event: How to Create and Map an Event to a CRM Campaign


This article covers the basic steps for creating an event and mapping that event to a CRM campaign.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to create a new event and map it to a CRM campaign:

1.From the events tab, click “Create new event”

Note: SummitSync maintains a database of approximately 100,000 events. If your event is not in our database, you also have the option to create a new one.

2. Begin typing the name of the event in to the “Search All Events” bar. When you see your event, click “Select” or click “Create New”to create your own event.

When creating your own event:

3.Type in your event name.

4.Begin typing and select your venue/location

5. Establish a start and end time

Note: After selecting or creating an event, the next step is to link that event to a corresponding Salesforce campaign. Again, you can either search an existing campaign or create a new campaign for the event.

  1. Begin typing the name of your campaign into the “Search All Campaigns” search bar. When you see your campaign click “Select” or click “Create New” to create a new campaign.

When creating a new campaign: 8. Type in the campaign name. 9. Click “Save”