FAQ: Marketing

Creating a New Event: How to Upload a List and Add Team Members


This article covers the basic steps for uploading a prospect list and adding team members to an event.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to upload a prospect list and add team members when creating a new event:

  1. Click “Browse” to select and upload your CSV file.
  2. The CSV file associated with the event will appear.
  3. Click “Next”

Note: To ensure that the prospect list is uploaded in the correct format, you may download a provided template. Minimum list requirements must include the attendee’s email.
Note: If your list does not include email addresses, please contact your SummitSync Account Manager to inquire about enriching your list.

To add team members to an event:

4. Search through a pre-populated list of team members.

5. Click “Add” next to the name and position of each team member to add them to the event.