FAQ: Marketing

Creating a New Event: How to Create a New Location(s)


This article covers the basic steps for creating an event and mapping that event to a CRM campaign.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to create a new event and map it to a CRM campaign:

  1. Type the location name into the text box under “Location Name”.
  2. If the location can accommodate simultaneous meetings, click to check the box.
  3. Set a meeting limit in the dropdown box.

Note: Setting a meeting limit allows multiple sales people to book concurrent meetings at a single location. 4. Click the appropriate box for a Domestic or International Address. 5. Enter the Street Address, Apt./Booth (optional), City, and State or Country of the location. 6. Click “Add Location”.Note: Repeat steps 1–6 to add more locations to the event. 7. Click “Next”.