FAQ: Marketing

How to Add a Meeting to an Event (and Add/Change Team Members, Contacts, and Locations)


This article covers the basic steps to add a meeting to an event as well as add/change team members, contacts, and locations for that meeting.

Steps to Complete

Use the following steps to add a meeting to an event:

1. To add a meeting on your SummitSync calendar to an event, click on the gray meeting block.

2. This will pop-up a modal with meeting information that can be edited.

3. To add team members to the meeting, click on the “Add Team Members” search bar and begin typing the name of the team member.

4. To add contacts to the meeting, begin typing their name or email address into the “Add Other Attendees” search bar.

Note: If the contact already exists in your CRM, the contact will populate.

Note: If the contact does not exist in your CRM, you will be prompted to create a new prospect (See #5).

5. To add a new prospect to the meeting, click on the dropdown “Create New Prospect”.

6. This will pop-up a modal where you can edit the prospect’s information. When finished, click “Create Prospect.

Note: The prospect will be added to the event’s list of prospects and your company’s CRM.

7. To add a Meeting Location, click the dropdown arrow and choose from the pre-populated options.

Note: If the location is unavailable at that time, a notification will appear. You can then choose another location.

Note: You will also have the option to create a custom meeting location.

8. Click “Add to Event”.

9. You will see a notification at the bottom right corner of the screen stating the meeting has been added to the event. The meeting on the calendar will also now appear in blue.