4 Types of Meetings at Events You Might be Missing Out On

Monday, April 17, 2017

By SummitSync

Trade show sales

Meetings matter more than anything at B2B conferences and trade shows.

They are what drive personal and professional relationships and return on investment.

There are several types of meetings at events and each drive ROE in different ways. Some B2B meetings drive a tangible dollar amount and others are meant for team bonding or relationship building. Events provide a unique opportunity to meet with current customers, hot leads, and new prospects in a single place. It can’t get much better than that.

What type of meetings are you planning for at your next event?

1. New Prospect Meetings

All that hard work from the marketing team before an event really pays off with new prospect meetings. By creating landing pages, sending out cold emails to event attendees, and posting on social media, sales and marketing teams can start booking new prospect meetings before the event.

New prospect meetings are highly valuable because the first touches are coming from the real people behind your brand. In a recent study, face-to-face requests are 34 times more successful than email asks, so the chances of moving new prospects to a lead or even a closed deal are pretty high at events.

2. Lead Follow Up Meetings

Have a hot lead you’ve been trying to work with for months? Events provide a great opportunity to follow up with all of your leads and meet some of the other team members and even a senior level decision maker or two.

Don’t leave this to chance. Book a meeting before the event with them or another team member to discuss your product or service and provide an in-person demo. Sometimes all you need to close a deal is a real handshake and a great conversation and events provide the perfect opportunity for this at scale.

3. Client Care Meetings

The funnel doesn’t stop once the contract is signed. Make sure you spend some time with your current clients at events to boost goodwill between both parties. Conferences and trade shows provide a great, scalable opportunity to turn customers into brand evangelists. Hosting an exclusive, intimate client dinner is a great way to foster connections between your clients, which helps everyone come out on top.

4. Team Meetings

Many B2B events are held in vacation destination cities like San Francisco, New York City, Miami, and Las Vegas. Cannes Lions and Dmexco are off the beaten path but beautiful oases perfect for team meetings and bonding. The out of office experience filled with insightful keynotes and creativity create a unique opportunity for team bonding and building.

Just imagine sipping a glass of rosé planning out your next quarter’s event strategy lounging poolside and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on all along.

Meetings Matter More Than Ever

Understanding the different types of meetings at events will help set expectations and predict ROI. Whether you’re attending a conference or trade show solo or the entire team is there, knowing what your meeting goals at every event are will help set you up for success. Every type of meeting has its unique value and understanding which ones will drive the highest ROI for your team is key to success.

SummitSync can help your team schedule and manage up to four times as many meetings at conferences and trade shows, as well as provide transparency around event ROI.

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