New Ebook: How to Maximize Your Return on Events

Thursday, August 8, 2019

By Quinn Coleman

Trade show roi

Over $570 billion is spent annually on B2B conferences and trade shows, the highest single line item in most B2B marketing budgets. Why, then, do less than 50% of marketers have a standardized process to measure the value of attending or sponsoring events? In order to make the most of event marketing budgets, it is vital to have a defined process when approaching event planning, in addition to measuring post-event ROI.

To help you make the most of your event marketing budget, SummitSync has teamed up with Winmo to bring you our latest ebook: How to Maximize Your Return on Events. Readers will gain access to effective pre-show planning methods, including how to build strong prospect lists, how to use social media to book more sales meetings, and how to track post-event ROI.

Free Ebook: Your Guide to Maximizing Return on Events