10 Team Building Ideas for Pre-Trade Show Prep

Thursday, September 12, 2019

By Quinn Coleman

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Team building is important for any office, as it builds relationships and friendships amongst coworkers. When starting a new position or joining a new team, it can feel intimidating getting to know a team of people who may have long-established relationships. Additionally, different teams in an office don’t always get to spend time together, especially if they’re in different spaces of the building, or working on different projects.

For conferences and trade shows, cross-department team building is important. And to have a successful presence, you need a team that works well together. To achieve this, your team needs to not only know each other but be comfortable around one another and keep open lines of communication.

While coworkers are able to get to know each other at the office, walls come down and people bond when they can have conversations above a whisper—and sometimes when a little alcohol is involved.

SummitSync has compiled a list of 10 ideas for team-building events to hold before your next trade show. These ideas ensure that your team has fun, gets to know each other, and are ready to go to an event, ready to work together and make some deals.

  1. Trivia Tuesday Office Happy Hour

    Split your office into teams across departments for some team building and competition in one with Trivia Tuesdays. Tuesdays are usually low-key, so give your office something to look forward to after work. You can bring in a keg, wine, and spiked seltzers and host a happy hour before trivia begins. This is a fun way for employees from different teams to get to know each other in the office. It’s also a great opportunity for coworkers who don’t know each other to sit down and have something to talk about: winning.

  2. Poker Night

    Similar to Trivia Tuesday, host a poker night at your office with a happy hour before the festivities. Hire a professional poker player to come and show everyone the ropes, in case some people don’t know how to play. Assign different employees to play at different tables, and you can hire professional dealers to work the tables. Have prizes for the winners of each table.

  3. Escape Room

    This is a fun field trip for your office to take during or after work. Split your office into cross-departmental teams to go to an “escape room” on different nights of the week. Escape rooms encourage teamwork, so it will be good preparation for bringing together people from different teams and practice working together to solve a common problem.

  4. Childhood Game Night

    Everyone gets nostalgic for the childhood games they used to play. Rekindle this nostalgia by bringing or playing games like Monopoly, Jenga, Four Square in the parking lot, or Musical Chairs—or even Hide and Seek around the office. Bring in some drinks and host an in-office happy hour beforehand. You can take a poll of your employees’ choice of the game throughout the week and then pick the one with the most votes. Create cross-departmental groups and rotate them through the games for a fun-filled night and bonding experience.

  5. Paint and Sip Night

    Nighttime paint classes, fueled by multiple pours of pinot grigio and cabernet, are all the rage. As we’ve suggested, split your employees into cross-departmental teams and send different groups on different nights. This will be a fun way for coworkers to let loose, and make fun of each other’s artistic abilities—or lack thereof.

  6. Jigsaw Puzzle Tournament

    This can be a fun way to get coworkers to interact within the workday and give your employees a break to look forward to. Split employees into cross-departmental teams and assign each team to a different 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Give team members a 15–30-minute daily break to work on the puzzle with their teammates. Whichever team finishes its puzzle first wins a dinner out. This instills healthy competition between coworkers and promotes camaraderie between teammates working together to problem-solve.

  7. Bowling

    A standard option for a team-building activity, bowling is a tried-and-true method of bringing people together for nights of competition and fun. Round up the office and rent out a bowling alley for everyone, or send teams of people on different nights of the week for a night of bowling to foster time to get to know each other.

  8. Summer Lobster Bake

    Soak up the summer and host a lobster bake. Let everyone out to enjoy the summer sun and, of course, a plate of lobster. In order to instill teamwork, split employees into cross-departmental teams and assign them tasks related to taking care of different aspects of the event: the food, entertainment, decorations, etc. With everyone contributing to the big event, employees will feel more inclined to go and will get to know the office in the process.

  9. Booze Cruise

    Drinking on a boat. Recipe for disaster, or recipe for inseparable bonds between coworkers? Taking employees out for a night of fun on a boat is sure to draw a big crowd, and it is sure to be a night your office won’t soon forget.

  10. Music Video Competition

    Remember in school when there were challenges to write lyrics and produce a music video about the American Revolution in history or types of clouds in science? Creating a music video is a fun and creative way to get people to think about things in a new way and work collaboratively. Create cross-departmental teams to get together and create music videos about the company. Something to really make things funny—for example, assign teams to a member of the C-suite to roast in the music video. All in good fun!

Team Building is Important for a Successful Business

Facilitating an environment at the office where there are open lines of communication is essential to growing a business. Helping employees get to know each other outside of the office can lead to a stronger workplace, seasoned for collaboration and success.

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