Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Conversational Marketing in 2019

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

If you’re still relying on landing page forms and cold calls to generate leads, then you need to revamp your digital marketing campaign. Technology has completely changed the way businesses interact with their customers. With the help of marketing automation, AI, and breakthroughs in communication technology, top B2B marketers have begun to embrace conversational marketing. You may not have heard of this new lead generating tactic, but it’s vital for continuing to grow your business in 2019.

What is Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing involves engaging with potential leads in real time. Instead of driving customers to landing pages and moving them through the standard conversion funnel, conversational marketing uses live chat to make an immediate connection. You can chat with your customers to help them find the right page on your site, find out what they need from your company, or even book a meeting with the right rep. This comes with a host of benefits, and makes a powerful addition to your current digital marketing strategy. There’s plenty of companies focused in this area, with industry leaders like HubSpot, Conversica, Drift, and Intercom.

What are the Benefits of Conversational Marketing?

Just like any breakthrough in the marketing space, there is a plethora of new opportunities that come with conversational marketing. By embracing this new tactic, you’ll increase opportunities to generate leads and sales for your business, shorten the sales cycle, and improve your overall customer experience.

Generate More Leads

Conversational marketing lets you add more opportunities to generate leads. You don’t have to replace your current digital marketing efforts with chatbots and live agents. Instead, use them in tandem. By adding one more route to your conversion funnel, you increase the number of opportunities for potential customers to make the purchase. By using AI driven chatbots, you’ll be able to target and connect with your leads to arrange live meetings at conferences or digitally.

Shorten the Sales Cycle

The standard conversion path was a bloated cycle of landing page forms, nurturing emails, cold calls, and meetings. Now, conversational marketing can help connect leads directly to a sales rep and schedule trade show meetings with potential clients. You can work with your customers in real time, while they’re on your site, to find out what they need and match them with the right department.

Filter Out Poor Leads

With cold calls and forms, you have no way of knowing the quality of your leads. It can be a drain on your resources when one of your site’s visitors goes through the early stages of the conversion process, only to realize that you aren’t offering the right products or services. Conversational marketing lets you gauge the quality of potential leads, letting you maximize your CRM spend.

Create a More Personalized Customer Experience

The digital marketing space has created a demand for personalized, customizable experiences. From personalized landing pages to hyper-specific email marketing campaigns, digital marketers have focused on curating the conversion path for each customer. With conversational marketing, you’ll really get to know your potential clients, giving them that personal, human experience that drives conversions. This connection will make them more likely to book in-person meetings with your business.

How to Use Conversational Marketing to Drive More B2B Meetings at Trade Shows & Conferences?

With modern technology, website plugins, and chatbots, businesses of any size can embrace conversational marketing. Whether you’re in the startup phase, mid-size or enterprise business, it’s easy to get access to all of the benefits of this disruptive marketing technique and use it to drive more in-person meetings for your sales teams at conferences and trade shows.

Live Chat

You can use live agents to discover leads from your website and book meetings for upcoming events that your company is sponsoring and/or attending. If you’re using meeting automation software like SummitSync, live agents can get prediction alerts for which of those leads will be likely attending upcoming events. When the live agents make this connection with a client through seamless conversation, you’ll be much more likely to get an in-person meeting with them at a convention or trade show.


While live agents are a powerful tool in conversational marketing, they have limited scale and efficiency. Today, the focus of chatbots and conversational AI, is to get initial leads qualified and into your sales funnel. But with chatbots, you’ll also be able to book meetings for upcoming industry events with leads 247. By combining chatbot automation with sophisticated software like SummitSync, you will be able to leverage automaton with machine learning to create an immediate network of leads, by determining what events they’re likely to attend, insight into which events you should be attending and connecting them with your business to schedule in-person meetings at conferences and trade shows.

The Advantage is with the First Movers

Just like any new marketing tactic, your business will want to take advantage of conversational marketing today. From the increased opportunities to quickly generate quality leads to the custom-tailored customer experience, this method of driving conversions will help you grow your business in 2019 and beyond.

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