Coming Together to Build Our Why: The SummitSync and Microsoft Partnership

Monday, April 16, 2018

By SummitSync

Meeting automation

Every once and awhile you meet a group of people who help shape you into a better version of what you were always building.

When we connected with Jim Brisimitzis and Tereza Nemessanyi from the Microsoft for Startups team during our accelerator program with Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, we had a feeling they’d be those people.

In the last year, we’ve switched from AWS to Microsoft’s Azure, did an incredible hackathon with three engineers from the Microsoft team, our CTO to build out the foundation of our lists of predicted attendees, and recently two of our founders, John Corrigan and Al Torres were featured in an episode of Series A, Microsoft’s podcast for startups. During the podcast, Jim Brizmitis and Josh Kerns sat down with John and Al to discuss our why and the development of our story over the last two years.

If you didn’t know, SummitSync started as a universal professional networking app. After a year or so of growing and learning we realized, in the midst of our accelerator program, that the death of white label apps was coming, and more importantly, that we were only helping rockstar individuals attending conferences and trade shows, rather than the entire sales and marketing teams within each organization.

So, we pivoted.

Honestly, it took us too long to admit that we were pivoting. We didn’t want to completely throw out the mobile app we had worked so hard to build. We originally tried to think of ways we could integrate the new platform and the app, and even started building that. Then, we had some more honest conversations with ourselves and beta partners and realized we had to throw it away. We had to start over—so we did.

Throughout it all, our mission never changed. We’ve always wanted to create a world where no one walks into an event without knowing whose hand they’re there to shake. We, like all startups building fundamentally new things, simply changed how we’re going to make this a reality.

And, now, months after our pivot, things are beginning to take off. We have some amazing clients including G2Crowd, LiveIntent, and a few dozen others. We’re partnered not only with Microsoft, but Heinz Marketing, DemandMetric, Marketing Insider Group, and Saleshacker to craft and publish content together. Our team has tripled in size this last quarter, we’ve moved offices, are launching our first mini-event series, and, above all, we’re so very excited to continue helping sales and marketing teams schedule and manage more meetings at conferences and trade shows.

This episode of the Series A podcast highlights some of our incredible journey to this point. You’ll hear John and Al discuss our new platform that “drives both productivity and accountability across their sales and marketing teams…from handshake to customer journey,” a discussion around the incredible $300 billion invested in trade shows, conferences, and events every year, and how we’ve been eating our own dog food for the past decade.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what obliterating one product to build an entirely, much greater, one looks like, put some headphones in and learn a bit about our company, and hey, maybe you’ll take a lesson or two on growing your own company or team within your organization.

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