How We're Different than an Event Management Platform

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

By Kathryn Kosmides


You’ve probably heard of the top event manage platforms like Cvent, Capterra, Doubledutch, BIzzabo, or Eventbrite. There are dozens of event management platforms that help event organizers register attendees, boost attendee engagement, build landing pages, and much, much more.

But we’re not an event management platform.


Because event management platforms are focused on event organizers, not the attendees and sponsors that actually drive the event industry. WIthout them, there are no events; which is why we’ve always been focused on helping attendees and sponsors, not just hosts or organizers.

Event management platforms help event organizers sell more tickets and sponsorship packages.

SummitSync’s event intelligence platform helps event attendees and sponsors discover prospects attending every event, schedule meetings, and automate attribution to measure and maximize event investments.

Here’s exactly how we’re helping event attendees and sponsors boost their return on events (ROE) with our event intelligence platform.

Discover Prospects at Events

Our new event intelligence platform scales the learnings from our professional networking app from the individual to entire sales and marketing teams, especially when it comes to meeting prospects and leads at events.

We’re working with some really great partners (more info on that coming soon!) to further build our prediction and matchmaking algorithms. These algorithms help predict what events your leads and prospects are attending and filters new possible leads based on the events you’re already planning to attend. Right now, with over 185 million B2B contacts in our database, we’re able to produce event attendee and sponsor lists for every major adtech, martech, and media event.

Schedule Meetings

When we first started talking to sales and marketing teams we discovered they were using a mishmash of spreadsheets, emails, and calendar invites to try and schedule meetings at events.

Our platform simplifies this entire process into a single customizable dashboard that condenses the who, what, where, and why of meetings.

Automate Attribution

Attribution solves two major headaches for marketing executives: eliminating manual data entry and calculating ROI at events.

Every meeting scheduled within SummitSync’s platform is automatically added into your CRM without additional work. We’re saving sales teams dozens and dozens of hours every week, helping them get back to what they’re great at.

Through connecting with your CRM, we’re able to attribute a return on event automatically without extra hours of manual reporting. SummitSync’s dashboard shows the individual ROE and your overall ROI for every event attended.

With SummitSync, you’ll know which events to invest in next year with no extra work on your end.

So Yeah, We’re Not an Event Management Platform

With SummitSync, you’ll know who is attending every event, be able to schedule meetings with decision makers, and know which events to invest in next year. While event management platforms can help boost your hosted events, SummitSync helps measure and maximize your event investments as attendees and sponsors.

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