HubSpot Inbound is Around the Corner

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

By SummitSync

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Don’t miss the tremendous opportunity Inbound presents for your team to get inspired, network with some of the best in your field, and grow your brand. We all know that events like Inbound can be chaotic, but that’s not an excuse for poor preparation and lack of coordination. With a little elbow grease and organization, HubSpot Inbound can be a uniquely fulfilling four days.

SummitSync is here to help you crush your time at Inbound. While our niche is generating predicted lists of attendees for conferences and trade shows, our powerhouse is coordination and organization for your sales team. Here are our top 3 tips for you and your team to make the most of your time in Boston.

1. Secure Meetings and Develop a Pre-Event Strategy

Handshakes drive sales, so securing meetings at Inbound is absolutely essential. Know your audience and get your hands on some form of an attendee list, either from the event organizer or your own research.

Once you know who will be at Inbound, develop a plan of attack to secure meetings. This could be achieved in many forms: an email campaign, a paid ad campaign, directly calling prospects, or a combination. (Or by using SummitSync’s meeting automation platform that can schedule meetings with the click of a button.)

Bottom line: you should arrive in Boston knowing exactly who’s hand you have reserved time to shake.

2. Follow Up with Leads

A strong post-event follow up strategy is absolutely essential. Lack of communication after a meeting or introduction kills momentum. If you wait too long or reach-out poorly, you’ll lose the invaluable connection you forged by meeting in-person.

Prepare ahead of time a plan for following up, and have it ready before the event. That way when you’re flying home and decompressing from a week on the road, you won’t be hastily and haphazardly trying to follow through with leads.

3. Track Your Success

You wouldn’t believe the number of sales and marketing teams we speak to who do not calculate their return on event and have no recording process for meetings held at events. Doing this takes time and is tedious. Summit Sync’s platform is your solution to this.

Bottom line: If you cannot produce a concrete ROI figure after Inbound, then you are working at a deficit.

Are you ready for Inbound?

Probably not if you’re not using SummitSync!

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