5 Unique Ways to Follow Up After Events

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

By SummitSync


We were shocked when we learned 75% of leads are never followed up with after an event.

Why are marketing teams spending 20–25% of their budgets on events when the leads are never being followed up with? Seems a little contradictory to us.

That’s why SummitSync and Thnks are pairing up to make sure you follow-up on all your meetings. You can learn more about our (awesome) promo here!

Or, you can stick around and read our five unique ways to follow up after events to discover the newest ways to always follow up.

1. Research Their Alma Mater

It can be really, really, really hard to get someone’s attention; especially if they’re an executive or C-level executive. SalesHacker recently wrote about how they used the SMYKM (show me you know me) technique to win over a brand new executive at a company they had been in the final stages of negotiation with before the original decision maker left.

They researched the new executive and realized she was a proud alumnus of a foreign university. So, they decided to order a sweatshirt from her alma mater and send it off with a handwritten note (more on those later…). She wrote back ecstatic and they were able to set up a meeting and close the deal.

Some people absolutely love their alma maters, others could care less. Make sure you know they’re big advocates and you’ll be graduating to a closed sale sooner than you thought!

2. Send A Gift Directly to Their Inbox

Thnks’ digital gifting platform makes it incredibly easy to find and send almost any gift online. From a Starbucks coffee (thanks for the latte + brownie, Thnks team!) to ordering 100 Uber rides to pick up VIPs before an event, Thnks can do it all.

They also have a great mobile app so when you’re in the midst of exhibitor chaos, you can still send a relevant and thoughtful gift to the prospect you just met at your booth quickly and easily!

Seriously, we love Thnks’ platform as it saves us a ton of time and money! You don’t have to pay for expensive shipping and handling on physical goods, saving you time and money. The best part? Clients, leads, and prospects are conveniently notified of their gift via email or text message!

3. Email a Relevant Piece of Content

People buy from people, not companies. If you found yourself chatting with someone about their favorite cat videos, Bitcoin cash or 17th-century Italian art, then send them something related to those interests right after the event.

You can even take notes on their business card or on your phone so you remember the conversation and key talking points after the event.

With the average salesperson spending $300 per month on gifts, why not save some cash while making a lasting impression by sending a relevant piece of content?

4. Send a Handwritten Card

I’ve sent hundreds of handwritten cards to employees, mentors, and pretty much anyone who will give me their address since I was twelve years old. I also have a file of all the handwritten cards I’ve received over the last decade or so (which I may or may not look at when I need a confidence boost).

This less than $10 investment has lead to incredible opportunities for me, sales and marketing teams, and, hopefully, YOU!

The world is cyclical and the popularity of physical mail is on the rise…plus everyone loves to open a crisp, sealed envelope that isn’t a bill. Be sure to add a personalized mention of something you talked about or something they really enjoy!

You can even cheat the system by using FeltApp.

5. Make More Connections

Your network is your net worth.” — Porter Cole

Why not spread the wealth? If you believe that introducing two people will be beneficial to both parties, then, by all means, introduce them!

However, you should definitely ask one or both parties prior to introducing them. You want to make sure that they are ready and willing to connect with them.

This truly is one of the best possible ways to follow-up after an event as you’re providing the opportunity to two different birds with one stone.

Standing Out Means Following Up

Make sure you follow up with every lead you meet on the trade show floor, during networking events, and any other opportunities that come your way. Even if you don’t think they’re a good fit, it’s still worth keeping the door open for possible partnership down the road.

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