14 Ultimate Sales Podcasts to Increase Motivation

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

By SummitSync


Let’s face it, selling is definitely not easy and sometimes it can be hard to carry on.

We’re always looking for ways to keep up the hustle and continue those cold calls and emails. But, it’s a little hard to read a dozen different motivational blogs and crush your goals at the same time. That’s the beauty of podcasts, you can prospect, qualify, and reach out to those leads all while boosting productivity and motivation.

Whether you’re looking for some motivation or the latest B2B sales podcasts featuring real tactics and insights, this list is just for you.


A classic podcast for everyone interested in learning the hidden side of everything. Stephen Dubner and a slew of guests discuss everything from the history of shoes to the crime and parenting. It’s great to know those tidbits of knowledge you need when you find yourself in awkward networking situations and need an interesting fact or two to pull out of your hat.

The Art of Charm

Featuring guests like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Tony Hawk, The Art of Charm is a “lifestyle podcast” that teaches listeners to be more charismatic while becoming “super-connectors”. We get that it sounds a little hoaky, but really give this one a chance. If you’re nervous about cold calling or are really looking to hone your networking skills, this is definitely one of the best sales podcasts out there.

Stories From the Sales Floor

Ben Sardella and Pouyan Salehi have come together to create “a three-martini lunch with today’s top sales professionals, pioneers, and thought leaders” in podcast form. If you’re looking to empathize with people riding the same bus as you, we definitely recommend listening to episode 14, “The Craziest Things I’ve Done to Close a Deal.”


Presented by MailChimp, Exponent “is a podcast about tech and society hosted by Ben Thompson and James Allworth”. Ben Thompson is the founder of Stratechery a blog about the biz + strategy of technology and James Allworth co-wrote* How Will You Measure Your Life?*. If you aren’t a fan of mailshrimp or failchips, we think you’ll still like their musings on all things sales, marketing, and technology.

The Nice Guys on Business

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner are entrepreneurs and live up to their sales podcast name. They believe that nice guys can finish first in business and life and have created a playfully explicit podcast great for salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. If you’re looking for actionable insights and tips, Nice Guys on Business is a great resource and one of the motivating podcast you definitely need in your life.

**Sales Questions and Brutally Honest Answers**

Brian Burns started this podcast back in 2009 to answer the burning questions of sales pros around the world. Throughout the years, he’s answered questions regarding boosting productivity, cold calling, and networking to name just a few. He also runs the LinkedIn group Maverick Sellers, where you can submit questions for upcoming podcasts.

Stuff You Should Know

Published by the HowStuffWorks website, this podcast will teach you about a wide range of different topics from the fields of science, history, pop culture and more. The aim of this podcast is to give its listeners a basic understanding of various topics — to be an expert on knowing a little bit about everything. The best salespeople seem to know a little about everything and HowStuffWorks is great for exploring even more. I mean, you never really know when someone will ask about ghost fishing or fever dreams.

The Tim Ferris Show

Known as the #1 business podcast on iTunes, this show includes a large variety of business interviews with guests ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Vince Vaughn to Malcolm Gladwell and more. If you are looking to boost productivity and discover some real strategies you can use, Tim asks the right questions to the right people so you can learn faster and hustle harder

Waking Up With Sam Harris

Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher, and author looks into questions about the mind, news, and society. Waking Up… focuses on how the dynamic, early adopter society changes how the general public feels as though they should be living — covering topics such as neuroscience, moral philosophy, religion, human violence, and more. If you’re in SaaS or technology sales, this is a must listen B2B sales podcast.

Up First

Up First is NPR’s podcast featuring the news you need as you are waking up. Ranging from politics to pop culture — the top stories of the day are given to you in just ten minutes. We just discovered that Up First is available as an Alexa skill, then all you have to say is “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” for all the latest news. The weather and the news…probably the two most important thing for a sales pro to know.

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

Silicon Valley Investor, LinkedIn co-Founder, and Greylock Partner, Reid Hoffman tests theories on how to grow a company with influential founders. With guests ranging from Mark Zuckerberg to Eric Schmidt, his stories give you such a unique perspective on his theories on how companies go “from zero to a gazillion”. One of the best podcasts for salespeople, Masters of Scale is great for those looking to start their own businesses in the future or simply looking to boost motivation in their daily lives.

How I Built This

This is a podcast about how entrepreneurs and innovators built their dreams. If you want to gain insight from the successes (and failures) from some of the best companies and brands in the world, Guy Raz will guide you through these incredible stories to do just that. Guy Raz himself is a bright blue glasses wearing entrepreneur whose long list of accomplishments warrants a listen to How I Built This or his other podcast TED Radio Hour, which almost made it into our list of top podcasts for sales pros.

Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Lou Diamond takes you through inspirational stories about taking a business and passion to the next step. Learn about how some incredible sales speakers like Phil M. Jones and Doug Sandler (from The Nice Guys on Business podcast) thrive out loud. This is a newer podcast so it’s a good one to jump on before it really takes off.

The Growth Show

Did you know Hubspot has a podcast? What don’t they do? HubSpot’s podcast, the Growth Show, tries to help us understand how to grow more than just a company. By interviewing individuals who have created great growth, this podcast provides new insights on how to follow their lead in tactical and actionable ways.

Work in Progress

Slack brings us a unique podcast about the story behind every person’s work. Tune in to this show if you want to hear about different people’s successes, failures, insecurities, and growths. These are real interviews with real people, not your typical entrepreneur elite interviews; which is why we’re huge fans. We’re talking interviews with a Sean McLaughlin a turf manager, and a sweepstakes winner who was able to pave the road for immigration reform. It’s one of the top sales podcasts because it reconnects us with what really matters — being human.

The Power of the Podcast

We love listening to sales podcasts during our early morning subway commutes to amp up our energy as we head into the office, during the occasional desk lunch, and, of course, running in between meetings. Not all of these podcasts focus directly on sales techniques or closing clients, but every sales professional knows that sales is much, much more than that.

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