SummitSync's Story

We believe in empowering teams to shake more hands at every event.

Engineering Better Handshakes

Over the years, our founding team has attended hundreds of trade shows, conferences, and intimate corporate dinners across the world. Throughout their experiences, they discovered the incredible power of the handshake.

But some handshakes matter more than others.

Trade shows, events, and conferences matter when you’re shaking the right hands; the ones that lead to successful partnerships, signed contracts, or key personal connections. But, it’s been notoriously difficult to understand who you should meet within a sea of thousands of attendees and how in-person meetings at events really impact revenue.

Which is how SummitSync’s event intelligence platform came to be. Events are transforming business, and we’re transforming how businesses connect with other attendees. With over $565 billion spent on attending, sponsoring, and hosting B2B events every year, our platform helps boost the ROI on the single largest line items in most B2B marketing budgets while making teams more efficient. We aim to engineer better handshakes at every event by creating a smart meeting scheduler platform that filters relevant event attendees and helps teams track your ROE across every event.

We’re excited to shake your hand.

The Core Team

Portrait of John Corrigan
John Corrigan Founder, CEO
Portrait of Al Torres
Al Torres Founder, President
Portrait of Justin Musterman
Justin Musterman Founder, CTO
Portrait of Ruchika Sethi
Ruchika Sethi VP of Product
Portrait of Shmuel Zalmanov
Shmuel Zalmanov Lead Engineer
Portrait of Colin Hauck
Colin Hauck Director of User Experience
Portrait of Agustin Sevilla
Agustin Sevilla Senior Front-End Developer
Portrait of Juan J. Cruz Jr.
Juan J. Cruz Jr. Vice President, DevOps
Portrait of Mike DeCorso
Mike DeCorso Senior Account Executive
Portrait of Daniel Ruland
Daniel Ruland Senior Account Executive
Portrait of Kyra Assibey-Bonsu
Kyra Assibey-Bonsu Business Operations
Portrait of Jennifer Bowman
Jennifer Bowman Marketing Associate
Portrait of Macklin Fluehr
Macklin Fluehr Associate Data Scientist
Portrait of Kairi Sameshima
Kairi Sameshima Junior Engineer
Portrait of Maybe you?
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