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Our vision is to be the go-to conference and trade show technology that helps companies pre-book more valuable sales meetings leading to increased revenue with a better Return on Event.


Our goal is to help companies maximize their investment on conferences and trade shows by providing a meeting automation platform that fosters higher quality and quantity of sales meetings scheduled and demos booked.

Our Team

Portrait of John Corrigan
John Corrigan Founder, CEO
Portrait of Al Torres
Al Torres Founder, President
Portrait of Justin Musterman
Justin Musterman Founder, Chief Data Scientist
Portrait of Ruchika Sethi
Ruchika Sethi Chief Product Officer
Portrait of Jimmy Chin
Jimmy Chin SVP of Sales & Marketing
Portrait of Shmuel Zalmanov
Shmuel Zalmanov Lead Engineer
Portrait of Agustin Sevilla
Agustin Sevilla Senior Front-End Developer
Portrait of Nitin Gupta
Nitin Gupta Senior Engineer
Portrait of Jennifer Bowman
Jennifer Bowman Marketing Manager
Portrait of Daniel Ruland
Daniel Ruland Manager, Business Development and Client Success
Portrait of Vitaliy Matiyev
Vitaliy Matiyev Product Specialist

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